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Vitamin B17 a cure for cancer?

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Is cancer just a mineral deficiency which the pharmaceutical companies and the government don't really want you to know? Is it a cure for cancer?

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Cancer - The Myths, Beliefs and Facts

'a cure for cancer?'

We're getting nearer every year. How many times have we heard cries similar to this? Normally what follows any media hype regarding breakthroughs or ongoing research is a plea for either donations (for charities) or a few more million pounds of the taxpayers money if it's the health service or new government initiative.

Cancer is considered an immunity system problem, because the body cannot recognise it's presence. Everyone continually creates cancer (mutated) cells in their body. In a healthy person with a strong immune system, the body normally works around the clock to remove these cells. What has really happened to the unfortunate people who develop the disease is that their immune system no longer functions correctly so it is unable it to perform this vital role.
Despite the millions of dollars, pounds and euros spent to-date on "research" conventional medicine still only offers three main "modern" methods of dealing with cancer:

1) Burning (Radio Therapy)
2) Cutting (Surgery)
3) Poisoning (Chemotherapy)

Coupled with the terror and trauma these treatments cause the patient, is it any wonder the success rate for cancer treatment is still worryingly low.
Here are more facts you need to know to help understand and avoid the dreaded dis-ease:

1) What Cancer Is:

Cancer is the body's immune/repair system malfunctioning. When any damage occurs the body heals itself by sending special cells to the damaged area to effect a repair. When this is complete they should "switch off" and stop repairing but they don't. They continue targeting the healed area and "over repair" or "over heal" which leads to malignant cells and tumors. A correctly functioning immune system would simply repair any damage and switch the healing process off when the repair job has been done.

2) What Causes Cancer:

To stop the healing process the body needs to send a chemical/enzyme signal to the affected area. However for a variety of reasons there is a deficiency of the enzyme(s) needed. Ideally we source enzymes from raw foods, nuts and seeds etc. As the typical western diet today is lacking in these enzymes we're not keeping our levels topped up. To add to the problem foods such as red meats, proteins and dairy based foods require the same enzymes for digestion. In short, our diet is taking our essential enzymes for digestion and not replacing them so we don't have them available to switch off our repair system when needed.

3) How We Can Help Prevent It:

Ensure our body's essential enzymes are kept at healthy levels by eating lots of raw fruit and veg. Add Vitamin B17 containing foods/products (such as apricot kernels) to our diet to maintain a healthy immune/repair system so any developing cancer cells are kept in-check. With the correct knowledge being applied and a few adjustments to lifestyle it is possible to reduce not only the risk of developing this disease it is also possible to feel better have more energy and reduce the risk of developing or even reversing other major ailments that plague people everywhere in our society.

A Healthy Lifestyle and Diet Is Essential

A strong immune system which can keep the system free of excess cancer cells needs a maintenance program as it were, to keep it functioning correctly. All biological beings be they human or animal are basically just a machine and a computer that runs on a formulation of between 70-90% water and an array of naturally occurring chemicals. These are compounds mainly in the form of Vitamins, Amino Acids and Minerals etc. which form the solid and semi solid components that complete the body's structure and organs.

Vitamin B17 - A Powerful Nutrient

All creatures on this planet including humans have an extremely efficient "repair" system which is designed to repair damage when it occurs. In the western world we are constantly being damaged by a bombardment of pollutants, chemicals etc. as result of our "modernised" society. In the case of cancer cells, Vitamin B17 is one nutrient that is a powerful addition to your diet. It is especially found in nuts and seeds with apricot kernels being one of the most readily available sources.

However there is a major two fold problem, on one side as a result of modern intensive farming practices, what we eat has become less and less sufficient in terms of providing the natural compounds we need to keep the maintenance program on track and on the other side, is the amount of un-natural and toxic chemicals used in products ranging from the food we eat, the water we drink and the products we use on or near our bodies. These compounds has increased over the years as industry become more and more intent on producing vast amount of profits and the regulatory bodies that have their resources stretched to breaking point and only are able to test a small amount of products.

Our bodies are under increased attack and less able to control the bodies repair mechanism against that attack owing to increasingly inferior "food fuel" being consumed. To help prevent cancer, the addition of Vitamin B17 containing apricot kernels to your diet is one natural health insurance that is easy, convenient and fast.

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