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Justin Dealey's Memories

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Justin Dealey works for 'BBC Three Counties Radio' as a presenter and describes it as a gift and loves every minute of it.

Memories of my little brother...

He may have been my little brother, but when it came to football there was none better. He lived for his football and his sport. Even as Ewing's was taking his body. His spirit was what gave the rest of the family strength to go on.

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Well as you can see this is me at 5 years and Adam at 6 months, taking it easy at home. He was easy enough to handle but even at this age if he wanted anything, he could make himself heard. He loved a romp around the floor. It was fun playing with him, as he always seemed to laugh at on matter what happened.

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This is me and Adam on holidays at Disney World Florida USA loving every minute of it. We also had the ninja turtle come to see Adam. I think the expression on Adams face lets you know how much he enjoyed his time with Mickey.

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My brother's school days...

Adam's first day at Southall School, the day in our life we all remember and one that we will always hold dear. This was Adam, he loved posing for photographs.

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Adam was a boy who enjoyed school life to the full and at the tender age of four years he became a member of our local South Hill Primary School in Hemel Hempstead. A short walk from our home in Boxmoor. His very first day at school was in early April 1989 and like most children he was nervous at leaving Mum and beginning a new phase in his life. Once he had settled in all his fears were forgotten and Adam glided into full time school, making his mark amongst his class mates as well as in the playground.

It was easy to say that Adam was truly a people's person. His personality always shone through in the playground. Here was a place it seemed, that he could disperse some of the vast store of energy he had, always returning to class with beads of perspiration trickling off his brow. One of the many signs which showed how much he enjoyed the simple activity of play time. Although Adam made a friend of everybody his favourites and partners in crime were Daniel Moody, Christian Alexander and Charlie Scott. The boys often caused mayhem at the Dealey household where they continued their school antics. You would often wonder if we were out in the middle of a football field, to hear the shouting that went on.

Not surprisingly Adam's main love at school was sport and to this day he is the youngest player ever to make the 1st eleven football team at a mere age 8 years. Playing against boy's aged 11 didn't phase him in the slightest, as his talent and enthusiasm would see him through his favourite sport. As ever the sportsman Adam was also a very good artist, he had a grate passion for drawing 'whales'. He could spend hours trying to perfect the proper shapes. Their bulk and the little eyes which followed you round the room. When a number of his drawings were chosen specially by teachers to be displayed around South Hill School. This made Adam feel extremely special.

It was September 1994, that Adam's illness meant he had to withdraw from school for treatment and tragically he was never to return. Adam was and still is hugely missed. His class was never the same again. For out of South Hill walked a boy who left his mark among his peers and teachers alike. Huge support was received from his classmates. There were regular visits from friends and his class put together cards, tapes and brought toys to will Adam on through his pain. To this day Adam's name is still remembered at South Hill School, as a cup has been donated by the family and is won by the child showing the most improvement in sporting activities, which friends, family teachers thought most appropriate, considering Adam's love and achievements in sport at South Hill.

Adam's teachers throughout his five years at South Hill School were Mr Sutherland, Mrs March, Miss Ball, Mrs Cass and one who received Adam's greatest affections was Mrs Abbleby. To sum up my brothers school life. It was a privilege to have the five fun filled years of happiness and laughter, as this is the only way Adam can be remembered and live on in our hearts forever.

To a brother who's one in a million..... Thanks Adam,
Justin Dealey

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