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Is there an Alternative Treatment and can it work?

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With Ewing Sarcoma as with any other form of cancer or illness, we continue to look for the answers in finding the remedy, that will one day give us the required results. The majority of our teaching tells us that everything is being done to find a cure, that will one day wipe out cancer, but until then. We must pray and put our trust in the hands of the medical experts.

Levels of evidence for Human Studies of cancer complementary
& alternative medicine (PDQ®)

A classification system has been developed by the National Cancer Institute's PDQ Adult Treatment Editorial Board to allow the ranking of human cancer treatment studies according to statistical strength of the study design and scientific strength of the treatment outcomes (i.e. endpoints) measured.

This classification system has been adapted to allow the ranking of human studies of complementary and alternative medicine treatments for cancer. The purpose of classifying studies in this way is to assist readers in evaluating the strength of the evidence associated with particular treatments.

However, not all human studies are classified. Only those reporting a therapeutic endpoint(s), such as tumour response, improvement in survival, or measured improvement in quality of life, are considered. In addition, anecdotal reports and individual case reports are not classified because important clinical details are often missing, the evidence from them is generally considered weak, and there is an increased probability that similar results (either positive or negative) will not be obtained with other patients. Furthermore, reports of case series are excluded when the description of clinical findings is so incomplete as to hinder proper assessment and interpretation.

The alternatives to standard medicines and treatments is something that needs to be addressed and looked at in greater depth. It is a very difficult decision for any parent to make when it comes to the affects this may have on their child or any member of their family.

  • What is the root cause?
  • What is the structure of the tumour?
  • Is Alternative Treatment better?
  • What harm can this cause if any, if it were to go wrong?
  • Who are the experts on Alternative Treatment?
  • What controls are there on Alternative Treatments and Medicine

As you may have noted from the PDQ information above, we shall continue to update this section. These and many other questions need to be addressed before you make your decision. Can we afford to ignore the specialist information and the research being carried out around the world? Will Alternative Treatment give you what you are looking for? A lot of people are asking the questions, so if you think you have the answers, get in touch and let us share it with others!

  • Find answer in the DNA construction to isolate the faulty chromosomes
  • Move to UKCCSG for DNA and CancerNet for the information in the Ewing family of tumours
  • Read the Research from Universities, Medical Centres and Hospitals around the world

Feel free to look at alternatives and make up your own mind when you have found out the facts. It is a hard choice to make, but there are a lot of questions you as an individual will want to consider.

For example: can I stop treatment at any time? Our answer to this is that it is your choice, but seek the proper medical advice first. Alternative Treatment in it's self can not cure Ewing Sarcoma but in some cases may ease the pain that comes with this or any other ailment, by using the persons own thought process and potions.

If anybody can show any results on the effect of using any form of Alternative Treatment, or if you have information relating to this. Please contact us where we will be happy to air your views.

What users of Alternative Treatment have to say:

Coley's Toxin: was (and still is) a very successful treatment for Ewing's sarcoma (Endothelial Myeloma). The credit for this wonder cure, it has to be said was the brain child of William Coley M.D. for further information on Dr. Coley and Coley's Toxin can be found at

View the section by Wayne Martin. Both him and Dr Barry Groves have been very helpful in supplying the information on Coley's Toxins.

Further information on Coley's toxin and Alternative treatments can be found by linking to the MD Anderson website (a well respected cancer centre in Texas).

Information Reference:

The information within this page was collated from several different sources by George Quinn.

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