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Adam's Story...

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Adam James Dealey
3rd July 1985 to 15th July 1995

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Always and forever in our hearts...

I expect for Marian and I the hardest thing to get over is out living our youngest child Adam. To have seen him manipulate life and grab every moment as he did was excellent to watch. Not only that, he was very good at manipulating us when he wanted anything. He was no different to any other boy asking for something. That big smile would light his eyes as he came to you. You knew he wanted something and with the usual banter, you would give way and say ok! Anything for peace.

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John & Marian Dealey

John & Marian are going to write Adam's story and we hope to publish this in due course, so please revisit the site.

Adam's Poem

Beyond My Eyes, by Marian Dealey...

In a small castle just beyond my eyes
My son plays with angel toys
That money cannot buy
Who am I to wish him back?
into this world of strife

No, play on my son
you have eternal life

At night when all is silent
And sleep forsakes my eyes,
I'll hear his small footsteps come
running to my side
His little hands caress me so
tenderly and sweet,
I'll breath a prayer and close my eyes
and embrace him in my sleep

Now I have treasure
that I rate above all other
I have known true glory
I am still his mother

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